What is PASSION really?

As you certainly know, being a follower of mine, I do not believe in the traditional expressions “you need to find your passion” “live with passion”.

What does this mean?

Live with passion?

How do I find my passion?

I also wrote a blog article about this some time ago, and today I want to share this huge revelation.

I love what I do, serving my clients and helping them to reinvent their careers.

What is transformation? And change?

With change, we have to adapt to it. We find the inner strength and resilience to persist despite the tumultuous environment.

Transformation, on the other hand, happens to us. In transformation, it’s we who become changed. The chaos is within, reshaping us from the inside out. Inner strength isn’t found by trying harder or analyzing your way there.

It’s found in a willingness to let it all go, surrender to the struggle, and journey toward a destination unknown.

It’s not all pain though. It can also be a terribly exciting time.

Transforming your Career is a behavioural change

It starts with a decision: that you are going to be fulfilled at the end of this year.

The decision you take is going to lead you to behave differently already on Monday morning: you do not complain about the meetings, you try to find solutions and most of all, you find the right transformation partner to help you get out of the situation you find yourself in.

Independently of who this will be, I now know how much transformation is based on changes in our daily habits.

I was so DONE with Tolerating

Sometimes as human beings we tolerate a situation because we think that we have to (and we really don’t). The things I was tolerating when I was back in my job impacted me every day even if they were relatively small…

But sometimes there are much bigger things that we need to stop tolerating, even if it’s a “good” situation, but not “great”.

Some of these, like your career, have a huge impact on you every day.

Towards your next adventure in 2019

Do you know what you want to ask More of for your professional life? Is it merely more money (which, do not get me wrong, is a very good thing to do!) Or is it more challenge, more learning, more purpose, or more of…

Observe and see how your professional life has been showing up for you. If it’s not what you want, you are missing a few essential components– this is where I can help you in 2019 and it’s by identifying the lack of clarity there is around your professional situation.

Do you want more money?

Most part of the time the painful problem is the corporate culture.
But it can take us sometimes years of resistance to get this.
To understand that it’s a cultural problem.

The Importance of Resilience

Resilience is extremely important to our success and fulfillment journey. Extremely relevant to our peace of mind. We need peace of mind. To reach all the things we want to achieve and do, and be.

This is “The Thing”

If you are serious about quitting playing small and learning how to Ask for More for your work and your life, then this training I have been preparing for the last few months is for YOU!

This FREE training is called “The Ask for MORE Series.”

Am I in the wrong job?

Many people don’t know whether they should quit their job or not.

They are constantly questioning whether staying or leaving are going to be good moves. I really feel the need to give some insight into understanding whether you are in the wrong job or not.

Claudia De Pasquale

Claudia De Pasquale

Certified Professional Coach accredited ICF, NLP Master Practitioner and mBIT Certified Coach

“Finding your passion is not just about your career and money. It is about finding your authentic self. The one you have buried beneath other people’s needs.”

– Kristin Hannah

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